About Us


About Us

Hi, my name is Natalie. I’m the founder of this project. Lililoveme is the name of my blog on LiveJournal which I’ve been keeping for many years, and which, in fact, has become a ground for this project.



I never thought that one day I’d become a confectioner. Since my teenage years I had dreamed of a career in IT, so it ended up with 10 years of working experience as a tester of various software programs. And then my life (surprisingly for me too) has changed once and for all. I can still remember sitting in the car and tasting a delicate and sweet-flavored macaron.


Dima (who wasn’t my husband at that time) offered me a bet – I had to make this dessert by myself. And this is how I have plunged into an amazing confectionery world of macarons, mousses, sponge cakes and icings. It’s exciting how many ins and outs, how many mathematical calculations, how much knowldege of physics and chemistry you need in order to make not just cupcakes. I have got immersed in this world completely. I couldn’t eat or sleep. I cooked so much that neither my friends nor relatives could eat! And then a sudden idea came to my mind. Maybe I should leave my job? Was I scared? You bet! I fell asleep with this idea in my mind for a year. I would even say that I didn’t sleep at all. When you are torn between your job and your hobby, it’s very hard to take your mind off things and understand yourself. It wasn’t surprising that I made the final decision after our honeymoon with Dima: a month of lazing around, bright sun and spectacular beauty of Majorca. I decided to quit my job.

Инструкции и наклейки для коробок макаронс

Then a lot of things happened. I was completely happy because I had my own working schedule, a lot of new ideas, full support from my family and friends, numerous orders and time for studying! The time I was short of when I was working. I don’t want to mention how many tears were shed in the kitchen, how many failures I faced, but anyway I made myself go forward. I was so afraid to give out my first orders. Well, not only the first ones, it’s always very exciting for me to give out my orders. You are waiting for the feedback and can’t wait to rejoice when clients are pleased. So it went but after a while Dima also made a very important decision to quit his rewarding job as a web-designer and devote himself to our common goal, i.e. this project. Our home pastry shop stopped being home only. Together we could do so much more! For example, we held workshops in Minsk and St. Petersburg. I understood how much I love showing to you and speaking about my job, how much I love sharing my knowledge and experience with other people!

This is how my new life has begun. And now we are on the threshold of a new era! This project, this online school couldn’t have been born without everything we had go through. I’ve got big, not big, but huge plans about everything that will happen here! And I hope that you will join us in this exciting journey! Welcome!

Дмитрий Буко, один из создателей школы

My name is Dima, I’m Natalie’s husband, and at the same time a developer, designer, cameraman and jack-of-all-trades.

I couldn’t sleep for a couple of months and couldn’t stop thinking how we were going to find time and make this course happen. I got my university degree online and always dreamed of making a cool project where people can learn something new. I dreamed of studies fundamentally different from what we all got used to. A place where your supervisor puts his/her own heart and efforts into you forgetting about time.

When you study at home you start realizing that only you own your time and knowledge. No one will ever try to make you follow his/her stereotypes of the right or wrong methods of holding a spoon. Without these stereotypes it’s 100 times easier to create something new.

To my mind, workshops are a perfect way to learn from professionals. But there are some circumstances when people who are very eager to visit a workshop can’t be there exactly at that date. They can’t be there because they live in other cities, towns or countries, because they don’t have anyone to leave their kids with, because their colleagues need them the most exactly on that day. That way people’s dreams will never come true, we will never meet and know each other. But who knows, maybe that meeting could have changed our lives. So this is our project, we change lives here.

Thanks to our friends!

It’s impossible to make such a project happen only by two. Luckily we have you, friends. Be sure that we are infinitely grateful to you:

Elena Tsoi (eastflower.ru) who has gathered a huge database of theoretic materials.

Asterman Studio and its CEO Alexander, an art-producer Maria and all the artists for beautiful illustrations to our materials.

Misha and Anya, Sasha Nosikova, Valera and Olya, Dasha, Sasha Sashikov and Cristoph, Nastya Vecherskaya and Lesha Benko, Lisa Kolomiets.

YouAreWow, Vadim Skrotsky Studio, Bianko Store, KitchenAid.by, BonJournal Mag.

How can you help the project?

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It depends on what you do for a living. If you are a pastry cook too, you can develop your lesson or even the whole course. If you are a developer you can take part in the development of the next version of our project. And if you’re an investor we will easily surprise you with our future plans. Anyway feel free to contact us!

Dmitry d@lima.monster & Natali n@lima.monster


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