Things you will learn during the “Chocolate” course

Things you will learn during the “Chocolate” course


Week 1Introduction

Lesson 1Introduction Demo

Week 2Chocolate bars

Lesson 1Chocolate theory
Lesson 2Chocolate tempering
Lesson 3a► 11:18 Video-tutorial. Bars
Lesson 3bStep-by-step guide. Bars
Lesson 4Homework. Bars

Week 3Abstract figures & shards

Lesson 1Cocoa butter theory
Lesson 2а► 15:22 Video-tutorial. Figures & shards
Lesson 2bStep-by-step guide. Figures & shards
Lesson 3Homework. Figures & shards

Week 4Bow tie

Lesson 1a► 14:21 Video-tutorial. Bow tie
Lesson 1bStep-by-step guide. Bow tie
Lesson 2Homework. Bow tie

Week 5Shells & spheres

Lesson 1a► 28:30 Video-tutorial. Shells
Lesson 1bStep-by-step guide. Shells
Lesson 2а► 23:11 Video-tutorial. Spheres
Lesson 2bStep-by-step guide. Spheres
Lesson 3aHomework. Shells
Lesson 3bHomework. Spheres

Week 6Bananas & lemons

Lesson 1a► 21:33 Video-tutorial. Bananas & lemons
Lesson 1bStep-by-step guide. Bananas & lemons
Lesson 2Homework. Bananas & lemons

Week 7Chocolates

Lesson 1a► 26:44 Video-tutorial. Chocolates
Lesson 1bStep-by-step guide. Chocolates
Lesson 2Homework. Chocolates

Week 8Golden snitches

Lesson 1a► 18:09 Video-tutorial. Snitches
Lesson 1bStep-by-step guide. Snitches
Lesson 2Homework. Snitches

Week 9Final cake decoration

Lesson 1a► 07:46 Video-tutorial. Cake decoration
Lesson 1bStep-by-step guide. Cake decoration
Lesson 2Homework. Cake Decoration

Week 10Have you missed something?

Lesson 1Homework. Check out what you’ve missed
Lesson 2Additional materials, useful links and literature



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