What’s in Little Bakery course

Things you will learn during the “Little Bakery” course


Week 1Introduction

Lesson 1Baking utensils

Week 2Cupcakes

Lesson 1Theory of flour
Lesson 2Theory of leavening agents
Lesson 3a► 13:23 Video-tutorial. Cupcakes
Lesson 3bStep-by-step guide. Cupcakes
Lesson 4Homework. Cupcakes

Week 3Rum babas

Lesson 1Theory of pastry
Lesson 2The readiness of baked goods
Lesson 3Storage conditions
Lesson 4a► 12:05 Video-tutorial. Rum babas
Lesson 4bStep-by-step guide. Rum babas
Lesson 5Homework. Rum babas

Week 4Cinnabons

Lesson 1Theory of dairy products
Lesson 2a► 10:15 Video-tutorial. Cinnabons
Lesson 2bStep-by-step guide. Cinnabons
Lesson 3Homework. Cinnabons

Week 5Herbes De Provence Crackers

Lesson 1Theory of fats
Lesson 2Kinds of shortcrust pastry
Lesson 3a► 07:12 Video-tutorial. Herbes De Provence Crackers
Lesson 3bStep-by-step guide. Herbes De Provence Crackers
Lesson 4Homework. Herbes De Provence Crackers

Week 6Quiches and tarts

Lesson 1Pâte Brisée (flaky pie dough). Quiche Lorraine
Lesson 2Pâte Brisée (mealy pie dough). Italian Quiche
Lesson 3Pâte Sucrée. Apricot Tart
Lesson 4Pâte Sablée и Chocolat sablée. Chocolate Tart
Lesson 6Additional recipes
Lesson 7► 28:23 Video-tutorial. Quiches and tarts
Lesson 8Homework. Quiches and tarts

Week 7Cheese brioche

Lesson 1Theory of brioche
Lesson 2a► 12:26 Video-tutorial. Brioche
Lesson 2bStep-by-step guide. Brioche
Lesson 3Homework. Brioche

Week 8Croissants

Lesson 1Theory of shortcrust pastry
Lesson 2a► 15:27 Video-tutorial. Croissants
Lesson 2bStep-by-step guide. Croissants
Lesson 3Homework. Croissants

Week 9Danish puff pastry

Lesson 1Theory of Danish pastry
Lesson 2a► 12:27 Video-tutorial. Danish puff pastry
Lesson 2bStep-by-step guide. Danish puff pastry
Lesson 3Homework. Danish puff pastry

Week 10Have you missed something?

Lesson 1Homework. Check out what you’ve missed
Lesson 2Additional materials, useful links and literature


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